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Ruben Acosta

Ruben Acosta: Cementerio 9


Ruben Acosta: Cementerio 1


Ruben Acosta: Cementerio 17

Vancouver is a very young city. Some are of the opinion that, since Vancouver has seen so little history, it is void of personality and characteristic. Perhaps so. With only a few truly outstanding works of architecture, the Vancouver cityscape does seem rather dull. However, have you ever really paid attention to the details - the minutiae that you simply take for granted in your daily scurries from home to work and vice versa? It is really only then that one truly experiences the space around us - the fine cracks on the wall, the leaf imprint left on undried cement pavements, that odd piece of sculpture that has always been there, but you simply never noticed…

“My projects are about the cities. Space and living are the major themes in my projects. I am interested in different questions: how a single person dissolves into the mass of the city, whether it is a place adapted for social living, how [individuals] change the spaces, etc… My work focuses on things that [are there but have never really seen clearly before].”

Ruben Acosta: Cementerio 23

Text and images kindly permitted to be republished on this blog by the artist himself. Please visit his website for more of his photographs. It is truly work like this that constantly remind me of the abundance of details that escape me everywhere I go. What of Vancouver have I missed?

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