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Archives for posts tagged ‘Sculpture’

Nick Cave




β€œIt was a very hard year for me because of everything that came out of the Rodney King beating… I started thinking about myself more and more as a black man β€” as someone who was discarded, devalued, viewed as less than.”
One day, sitting on a bench in Grant Park in Chicago, [Nick Cave] saw [...]

Chiara Goia



Dong Cheng, in China, is a village where every commercial activity turns around the reproduction of… famous sculptures. The creators of these “fakes” assume a marginal position and then almost disappear behind the “real” authors that they copy… [But] what is “fake”? Couldn’t we define these people [as] “artists”? Aren’t the hands and the craft [...]

Kohei Nawa

The “PixCell” sculptural concept… is an intervention into, or a manipulationof, reality. The “cell” provides many different functions - choice, transparency, substitution, amplification - and it links directly to the senses… The surface of the subject is covered in transparent glass beads, …[replacing it with] some kind of “light shell”. Seen through this shell, the [...]

Michael Ferris


Portraiture is beginning to really fascinate me. For me, capturing the essence is of utmost importance. I have come across many pieces that attempt to convey emotion to varying degrees of success. I truly believe the key is in the eyes. Eyes are our so-called windows to the soul. Without [...]

Thomas Doyle


In my youth, I always wondered what it would be like to be God; to be omniscient and to have a bird’s eye view of all that is around me - a snow globe of sorts. After all, the earth is spherical and rotates all day long… It would certainly be most amusing [...]

Sam Jinks

… A naked man is hung up by the armpits. The suspended man, with his drooping head and transcendent air of concentration, recalls the sacred archetype of Christ on the cross. It is as if, like Christ, he is hung up for maximum humiliation in a punishment that might be rehearsed in holy rituals [...]

Tullio Lombardo

Although I have never tried my hands in sculpture before and do not know the tools and processes involved to make a piece come alive, ancient sculptures never cease to amaze me. The level of detail and expression, coupled with a unforgiving medium, achieved with only simple tools, is simply mind-boggling. The ‘Undo’ function I [...]

Ron Mueck

It is no secret that scale can create powerful drama. One of the installation projects I created in school was based around repetition and scale. Banal items of everyday life, when grouped in the thousands, compels our reconsideration of their relevance around our lives. Much in the same manner, Ron Mueck’s hyper-realistic sculptures amplifies human [...]

Berlinde de Bruyckere

I cam across this Belgian sculptor recently and her work just blew me away. Her visually-arresting sculptures seem to reflect torture, pain and suffering in life - disturbing notions that I try to shy away from. It’s really a culmination of carcass, wild butchery and rotting flesh. Take Marthe, as pictured below:

A life-size, frail, sallow [...]

Duane Hanson

I have been to many wax museums as part of school field trips. Never once was I particularly impressed with the wax figures of Hitler, General Mao, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and all the others. Sure, they bore a striking resemblance to the actual subject, but they were, nevertheless, obviously mannequins, albeit wrought of wax. Of [...]