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Archives for posts tagged ‘Photography’

Shen Wei



China has come a long way. A culture steeped in history and rich in natural beauty, but as a leading Asian nation surging to the front of the pack of late, its landscape is a curious and awkward juxtaposition of old and new. The roads often segregate the city in the most bizarre manner - [...]

Roni Horn




Surrounded by and submerged within a rich white background, [this series] is the portrait of a clown’s psychology. The powdered face of [a] genderless clown, with its gaping red mouth and bulbous nose, contorts for our amusement or disquiet like a child in front of a mirror or a stage performer warming up… Each photograph [...]

Pere Pascual




We all enjoy the beauty and feel of silk on our skin but do we really know where it comes from? Insect craftsmen, Bombyx Mori or the silk worm, live for only six weeks on a diet of Mulberry Leaves. After a month, its size is 8,000 times greater and its weight increases by 10,000. [...]

Eszter Burghardt



How much of nature is still wilderness? How much of our landscapes is man-made? Or at least influenced by man’s actions? How much more of what is left of nature will support us through the next ages? Is there such a thing as manufactured nature? Or is that the environment that will house our future [...]

Chris Gergley



I have always lived in a house - a single-family house. So I cannot help but wonder what it is like to walk through front door and into a cold foyer with nary a soul around. It’s odd you know - you’d think that, with the number of people living in such large complexes, it’d [...]

Erwin Olaf


Time flies.


Images by Erwin Olaf.

Jake Stangel




“Hello Mr Ibrahim. Hello Mrs Ibrahim. How are you today? I am going to the water park this weekend with my parents. It’s a long drive from Batu Gajah but I don’t mind the drive. It’s fun to be in a car on a nice bumpy red soil road and see it turn to asphalt [...]

Thomas Hoeffgen




I never cared much for sports involving men or women racing to reach a ball and then to get it through the net or into the goal. Sure, it requires concentration, skill, and very often, teamwork, but is that all there is to athleticism?. In sports where participants are racing against each other; it becomes [...]

Thomas Kneubühler



… and we march up to the mountains
With our torches
Wielding picks and wires
We shall take the world by storm
With little more than sparks and fires
We will do all that our hearts desire
when we lay claim to the lands
that once belonged to the skies
So bring your spades and pliers
There will be light in sight
It will be [...]

Jason Koxvold



Her hair was once lush
Her skin dewy
as the early day
She used to greet me with a smile
and she would say
How do you do?



But now there she lays
Her legs splayed
Wasting away
Her gift of life stolen
From the caress of her thighs
Slayed and flayed
Her empty gaze
Sullen and soulless
Dwells on yesterday
and she faces what lies ahead


Images by Jason Koxvold.