Siong Chin Chan

Over the past 13+ years (with the most recent 5 as a design leader) I’ve helped envision, design, and ship products that delight the user while scaling the business up. My roles have focused on digital product design, growth, e-commerce, brand, and marketing. Currently, I head up Design for Growth at Coursera—it's a platform for anyone to transform their lives through learning. The following is a summary of my impact so far, and how I led the design team to achieve these business goals.

REGISTRATIONS (since I joined)

CASH RECEIPTS (since I joined)

Defining the Strategy

To start, the Design team set out to understand the audience better. Once the learner personas were codified, the team proceeded on to build out learner journeys that map to the company vision. Contact me to learn about how I led this process, and see the narratives we generated to help Courserians relate to the learners.

Establishing the Operating Rhythm

The Growth team is charged with increasing revenue. In the current business model, this translates to registrations, conversions and retentions. Contact me to learn about how I led the team to deliver on-brand, elegant user-centered solutions while optimizing for success metrics, and see some of their output.

Building the Brand

Coursera is a fledgling company in a space with multiple prominent and successful players. The major advantage over competitors is university partner brands. Contact me to learn about how I led the team to develop the Coursera brand identity, and see how the design team embodied the brand attributes in their work.